Life Hacks You Should Know

Eduardo M –

An infographic to make your life a little easier.

35 Life Hacks You Should Know


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Top 10 Wireless predictions for 2011

The mobile and wireless industries are exploding. Here is a great article for trends in for those technologies. The full report can be found here. Check it out!

Cliff notes Version
1. Surging Mobile Data Traffic
2. Augmented Reality to Enhance Mobile Games and Retail
3. Cloud-Based Operating Systems are Launched
4. Mobile Banking will become a must-have when opening a new account
5. Mobile Devices Begin to Replace Credit Cards
6. Mobile Handsets Become Even More Sensitive
7. Mobile Lottery Tickets Sales to Soar Fuelled by Deployments in US, Europe, and China
8. Mobile-Specific Threats Lead to Demand for Mobile-Specific Security
9. Buyouts take Social Purchasing to a New Level
10. More Vendors Develop a GreenHeart

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Cloud Computing (in picture form)

Wikibon created this infographic to help explain Cloud Computing. Pretty Cool!

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Book Review #2 Nuts! by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

As the son of an airline pilot, I have always been interested in aviation. The Southwest’s early existence was not easy, spending many of its formative years in lawsuits. “Nuts” delves into the incredible culture of Southwest throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and explores the management and leadership styles used.  The two authors were given exclusive access within the company and did hundreds of interviews to create this case study.


Culture Culture Culture!

What other company do you know of that hired cheerleaders and dressed them in miniskirts. Name another corporation that had their CEO arm wrestle to settle a lawsuit.


The book definitely worth the read and is filled with tremendous leadership and management insights.  Southwest’s old culture reminds me of  Zappos.  However, I found it ironic the “Nuts” spent a fair amount of time discussing how the culture would not change once Herb Kelleher left the company. Today only trace amounts of Southwest’s once famous culture can be seen within the corporation.


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Book Review #1 The Snowball by Alice Schroeder

There are so many little nuances to be gained by reading this book. From an early age Warren began collecting and amassing items. Throughout the book it was fun to watch how his personality quirks as a child shaped his decisions in the business world.

“Snowball” provides an incredibly detailed account of Warren Buffett’s Life.  If you have read the unabridged version then you know what I’m talking about…this book is detailed! For someone trying to blow through the book they will certainly run into some taxing areas.  However, the immense detail of the book gives the reader great context for each situation Warren finds himself in.  At 960+ pages, the book certainly could have used more editing.

Before reading this book, I viewed Warren Buffett as a shrewd man who made money in the stock market.  I learned that Warren’s personality  is far more complicated than it appears on the surface. He is a man of principle, and one who will do anything to avoid hurting others.  Warren is one of the most rational and logical individuals on the planet, so much so that his actions cause controversy.  All in all it is definitely worth the read.

Buy the book on amazon here: The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

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Things to Do #1 Surf the Pororoca

Shredding Pororoca!Twice a year, usually between the  months of February and March, the Atlantic Ocean waters roll up the Amazon river, in Brazil, generating the longest wave on the Earth. The Pororoca is a wave that can get up to 12 feet high and last for over half an hour!

Surfing Pororoca

The wave is very loud and can be heard well before it hits. The wave generally destroys anything in its path. Pororoca has become very popular with surfers.

Paddling outThe wave generally destroys anything in its path, creating dangerous obstacles for the surfers. Despite these challenges,  the longest time captured on tape riding the wave is 43 minutes!

Check it out!

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